Ep91: Is That the Best You Can Do?

29 minutes

Today, we meet Eliot’s sadistic side.

In a story about the baseline criteria that he demands from his students (as well as a little glimpse into how he enjoys making students squirm), we get a great discussion about expectations, feedback, and the price of admission.

Why is that important for business?

When do you get to the point where - regardless of perspectives – work simply isn’t good enough?

There is a difference between setting a bar for someone – here is the minimum level of skill and participation I expect from you - and being in a feedback conversation, where there is a need for specificity. In responding to someone who hasn’t met your expectations, it is important to consider what short term and long term results you are looking to get.

Sometimes the problem is with content or substance. But sometimes you can’t hear the substance because of the noise of the appearance. It’s important to be clear where the problem lies, and what result you want out of the interaction. It is challenging to have a nuanced conversation about content, however, if a basic set of criteria or a baseline of skill hasn’t been met. There is a price of admission to even be taken seriously.

What is your price of admission? There is often a temptation in business to say, “I like this person, I could train up.” But you can only train up from the baseline, so you need to determine exactly where is your personal baseline; you need to get clear on your price of admission.

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