Ep85: Speak Volumes in an Instant

31 minutes

We were inspired to look at the business of our 50th Facebook member for business inspiration, and she didn’t disappoint. Rachel’s strong brand identity gives us an important reminder to look our own business’ identity. And hopefully, this will serve as your reminder to do the same!

Why is that important for business? 

A strong brand immediately tells people, “this is who I am and these are who my people are”. Instead of speaking to everyone, a strong brand speaks to the people you most love to work with. After all, your ideal client shouldn’t be 6 billion people. 

A strong brand represents who you are, but more than that, who the business is. If the business was a person, it is that business’ personality and shape. The furthest reaches of integrity in branding is when you make a bold stand about who you are and who your company is. 

Yet, while there are so many dangers to deciding who you are based on a poll, you also don’t want to pick a personality for your business just for personality’s sake. 

One of the best places to look when doing an audit of how well your business reflects its personality is the physical environment. If you thought of those clients that you would fight to keep (previous episode https://soheresmystory.com/ep52-the-business-sommelier/) – your ideal clients – what message do you want to send them, and people like them, with your space? Find the right feel for the energetic space you want someone to be in, and then do what you can to create that feeling in your environment. 

And here's a link to the infamous BLUE HAIR: https://www.facebook.com/jodihume/videos/10154264639209780/

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