Ep73: I Would Have Hired You But

28 minutes

How hard are you making people work to hire you?

Sometimes in business, people make it hard to give them money. Like you are drowning, and they need you to fill out twelve forms in triplicate to order your life preserver.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of small victories, triage, and making it easy for clients to hire you.


Why is that important for business?

When someone is ready to hire you, it is important to find the points of disengagement – the part of the process of on-boarding or hiring you where they become frustrated or overwhelmed – and find a way to give them a small victory. This isn’t about solving the whole problem, but about making it easier to get started. If you need a lot of information to best help a client, can you determine the key things you need to get started, and begin there? This is about facilitating the “yes” process.

The confused mind says no. If you can determine the place (in any of your processes, but especially the hiring process) where a client is most likely to be stymied or stalled by confusion, you have an opportunity to make it not only easier for them to say yes to you, but for you to give them a sense of relief.

Even if someone says yes, their mind is still in “gosh, I hope I don’t regret this” mode. If early on you can create a small win, you can earn more than just their business, but also alleviate the concern that they might regret this. It is confirmation for the client that this was not a bad idea.

This isn’t about trying to fix everything right off, but about giving them a small taste of your value. Making all of their pain go away in the moment is not only bad for sales, but a disservice to them. Solving what is currently hurting them the most isn’t necessarily solving their problem. You just have to show you can take some sense of pain away and give them a sense of relief.

You have to keep earning the yes going forward. But you don’t get the opportunity to keep their yes if you don’t get their yes in the first place.

Like in curling, you run ahead of the stone to sweep the path, so the stone can go where you both need it to go.


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