Ep66: Max Leadership

25 minutes

Sometimes, all you need is a public restroom and a therapy dog to teach you some important lessons about leadership. This episode is such a time.


Why is that important for business?

The episode starts with a story about a dog named Max and his annoyed owner, but it turns into a lesson on leadership.

There are leaders who micromanage and push and blame their employees when things don’t work. And then there are leaders who are compelling and make a space for people to be their best. People and dogs can tell when you are interested in them, when you are invested in them, and that interest is magnetic.

When you make your people do things, versus creating an environment where they want to do the things that you want them to do, you will notice resistance. You want your people naturally engaged.

In leadership, it is common to see managers and leaders try to control people’s behaviors in times when it really doesn’t matter.  There is a difference between controlling when and how people do certain things that are vital to the job that they accepted and controlling things that simply satisfy the leader’s need to be recognized or catered to. If you are managing activities and not outcomes, then you have a leader issue, not an employee issue.

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 Resources mentioned

Want to learn more about the x and y leadership Jodi mentioned? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_X_and_Theory_Y


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