Ep63: Not Giving a Dam

30 minutes

Not just any host of a popular podcast would be able to turn a disagreement with their spouse into a lesson for business. But that’s exactly what happens in this episode, as we discuss the layers and nuances of “good enough”.

The distinction of how “good enough” you do things comes up often in business and in life, because there are ultimately levels of good enough. Unfortunately, the whole discussion runs with baggage. The first to bring up the “good enough” discussion risks being labeled as someone who doesn’t care about quality. But it isn’t necessarily about suggesting that something be half-assed; good enough is often about triaging.

The problem with being absolutist about “good enough” arises when you spend all of your time solving problems that are seven problems down the road – problems that you might not even encounter – instead of the immediate need. It can even paralyze you from any action at all.

It is important to look out into the future at unintended consequences, but to stop short of becoming paralyzed around the action that needs to happen now. It is a concern when the level of “good enough” that you are demanding gets in the way of taking a next step – when getting ready for a deluge of clients gets in the way of finding your first client, for instance. You can look 5 chess moves ahead, but you also need to have the flexibility to move the piece and adjust your game once the board changes. 

Often, “good enough” is about being clear on the nice-to-haves vs the need-to-haves.


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