Ep61: When To Sweat The Small Stuff

31 minutes

In this episode, we talk about how the little things more than just count – they are what make up people’s first impressions of your business.

Why is that important for business?

People are making judgments about the details – a flicked cigarette in a parking lot, a tidy dining room table – and making decisions about what that means for the rest of your business. 

Small things can often really matter, but you can’t possibly see or care about everything. You need to navigate which small things to care about by being clear on the overarching value. Details make it easier to dismiss your business, and they make it easier to ascribe values to your business.

It can feel like too much to think about – how can you be expected to think of all of the small things that might matter to other people. But if you simply ask, “what feeling or experience do I most want to convey?”, then it is easier to imagine what details can effectively demonstrate that.

If you start to infuse that value into every aspect of company, then you not only get clearer on the details, but you also know your priorities. Because you can’t make everything a core value.

Choose the filter through which you are going to examine the little things. And pick details that will truly matter.

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