Ep55: Is It Too Late for Me?

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Ep 55 – Is It Too Late for Me?

Ever heard a 20-something lament about how it’s “too late” for them to do something?

In this episode of So Here’s My Story, we talk about the idea of it being too late for our dreams or aspirations – when it’s an excuse, when it’s time to let go, and when it’s time to try to get Whack-a-Mole into the Olympics.


Why is that important for business?

When we feel like it’s too late to make a move, we can become paralyzed by that determination. We have a false sense of security in the middle ground, but we either have to accept it is not too late or find a way to be at peace with letting that thing go. It is a big energy drain, delaying the commitment to either be in or out; circling that decision is tiring. It can be helpful to ask, “What does the process for getting over that look like?” Either the question will help you come to a point of resolution or will spur you on to actually do what you thought it was too late to do.

You can become imprisoned by faint hope if you don’t confront the question of whether it really is important or whether “too late” is just an excuse. Because there are very few circumstances where it really is too late – it may require a different version of the dream, or it may require you to distill down the essence of what you really want. It may involve things that you are not willing to do. But if it will be a major regret, it is worth having a solid conversation about.

It can be scary to remove the “it’s too late”; then, you may have to do the work and take the risk. There is no right answer, but you have to weigh your regrets.

Doing the hard thing can require a change in mindset, from “I’d love to do this, but…” to “I get to do this, IF…”

Often the resistance comes from the human need to make things binary – we think that we have to start completely over and scuttle the whole ship for something new. Sometimes the “it’s too late” dream has a component of what you want, and often you can get that component far more easily. Instead of burning it all down, we need to go into sculpting mode: chipping away or adding to and sculpting a shape that fits better.


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