Ep48: The Shared Priority

29 minutes

Have you ever had a client try to get you to serve two opposing masters at once? How do you get them to settle on a priority so that you can move forward?

In this episode, we talk about just that.

Why is that important for business?

There are certain aspects of how you deliver your services or products that simply must be prioritized. For instance, if fast delivery, quality production and cheap price area all things your customers seek, they usually have to pick just two priorities at any one time. It’s like a stereo equalizer – you don’t have to turn anything right off, per se, but you can’t have all of the priorities at a 10 at once.

Part of this process is defining expectations, yet the words we use to describe our priorities are often insufficient and rely heavily on context. Words like “simplicity” or “success”, for instance, mean wildly different things to different people in different situations. Stories tend to be a more effective way to get these expectations and priorities across.

There are also times where we pick a priority word because we think the word is non-threatening. Communicating a story of why this is a concern can help avoid this. What is it you are worried about for you? For the other person? For the relationship?

If a conversation feels difficult, overly complicated, or if it feels like you just can’t find a solution, you probably skipped some questions about priorities and expectations. The issue is most likely that you are trying to get everything done, but if you get clear on priorities, the solution becomes easier. When expectations become clear, solutions become clear.

Consider that, just like in the show Stranger Things, there might be an Upside Down, where you can only see one plane of existence, but someone else sees an entirely different side. Consider that your customers may be in the Upside Down, and you can’t see what they see. Spend time checking out what the terrain looks like from their perspective. It is easier – and more fulfilling – to do business with people who feel seen.

What story do you want to tell?

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