Ep36: The Massage Saga Continues...

30 minutes

Have you ever walked into a space, and something in the environment made you uncomfortable? Or maybe you entered a work space and thought “this space is perfectly suited to the work being done in it.”

Creating a space – whether the actual physical space, or even the virtual space – that supports the work you are trying to do is an oft ignored, but important aspect of your business. In this episode, we talk about what a massage treatment room has to teach us about matching our space to how we want our clients to feel.

Why is that important for business? The work environment can have a lot of impact on how clients feel. Yet not a lot of thought is given to “what do I want clients to feel?” and creating an environment to support that. Conference rooms, for example, are often interchangeable – they say nothing about the work being done in them, or the needs of those who use the space. What would it look like if you had an environment that worked for you?

You might think, “no one has ever walked in a room and said, ‘the ceiling height in here is perfect’”, yet people will walk into a space and think “I don’t like this environment”. They won’t usually ascribe it to the ceiling height – they may create a new story about what they don’t like (and that very well might become YOU) - but the stimulus that they are reacting to may actually be the ceiling height. These are the feelings that a space can create for people, including clients and potential clients. All without saying a word.

A big part of designing a space that supports your work is being clear on what your client is worried about and how you can assuage those worries and provide for those wants and needs in small ways. It is important to always be aware of the client’s emotional experience, and how you can craft it. How do you want people to feel, and how can you make them feel that way? What would make them feel the opposite?

This is more than just physical environment as well. You can create an environment with your words and emails and procedures. How you communicate says a lot about how you work.

You have an opportunity, in designing your environment, to demonstrate your priorities. What is your environment saying about you?

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