Ep28: Quack, Quack

31 minutes

Quack, Quack

You know those early American Idol contestants? The ones with…less than stellar singing skills? Have you ever wondered why none of their friends pulled them aside and said “listen, dearest friend – you can’t sing”? This episode is all about the business version of “you can’t sing”. And Jodi and Eliot have a few different perspectives to share about it.  


Why is that important for business?

We make assumptions that there is only one way to do things when we give advice, instead of trying to custom fit the advice to the person.

When people stop trying to fit into a solution, they can come up with a solution that is a fit for them.

This doesn’t mean we can’t help push friends and colleagues out of their comfort zone. But we have to make sure that the path they are on is their own; if you push your comfort zone on someone else’s path, you won’t get traction. 

There is a difference between pushing past something that is scary, and pushing a limp noodle.

The problem often isn’t that someone doesn’t like the means so they shouldn’t pursue the end; it is that they are the wrong means. The “it” has to fit. It is flawed to think that there is only one way to do something and if that way doesn’t fit, you can’t succeed. We all need a custom fit version of business development. We don’t have to change end goal, we just have to back it up and custom fit the means to the end.

We need to get super clear on exactly what problem we are solving. And then often there is a way faster way to get to the solution than the way we are imaging.  

It’s a special kind of hell to get your ducks in a row, only to realize that they aren’t your ducks.

You have to bake a cake that you are going to want to eat.

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