Ep205: Leadership & Responsibility During COVID

33 minutes

Leadership means making decisions for your company and everyone in it. And sometimes, especially when it comes to things like COVID and health, those decisions are extra challenging. 

Why is that important for business? 

When it comes to coming back to the office, there are more variables than ever to consider – who can work remotely, do you wear masks, is everyone vaccinated are just some of the more complicated problems leaders are dealing with right now. 

When you are in charge of a large group of individuals, everything gets exponentially challenging.

You might be used to the thick skin necessary to brook dissension for unpopular decisions, but it’s harder to do this when the ramifications are about other people’s health, not just having a great quarter. 

Right now, leaders have a heightened responsibility to check in with the pieces of your perspective and make sure they are built on a solid foundation. We need to be incredibly clear on the metrics we are using. 

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