Ep204: Pastries and Perseverance

28 minutes

What can we learn from a software used to ring up pastries, that ends up helping with cancer treatment? If this episode is any indication, a lot. 

Why is that important for business? 

In Tokyo, a pastry shop in a train station wanted to make it easier to ring up pastries without packaging. And it led to a big development in cancer treatment (you can read the story here).

So what can we learn from this? 

There are lessons about perseverance. About connecting your people, culture, and company to something important. How having a sense a your work “mattering” can help with engagement. And how you can choose to connect to something that matters, even if you aren’t doing something that seems to deeply matter – as the Talmud says, “whoever saves a single life is considered by scripture to have saved the whole world.” You can still connect to a larger mission, even if you aren’t fulfilling your dreams. You just have to look at individual impact and think of ways to make things better just because you were there. 

We imagine culture exists only on the macro level, but it is stitched together by the pieces of culture at the micro level. 

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