Ep203: The Sombrero on the Wall

28 minutes

Have you ever thought you nailed an interview – maybe even had a standing ovation-level interview – but still ended up in second place? Maybe went out and celebrated and got yourself a giant celebratory hat? Let’s talk about that hat, and what it symbolizes. 

Why is that important for business? 

There is a critical excitement you feel at the beginning of a journey whose end is uncertain. Everyone is susceptible to that energy and even need to feed off of it sometimes. As an entrepreneur, you have to – to some degree - get excited about the chicken counting process. No, you shouldn’t base your psychological wellbeing on those unhatched chickens, but you can’t thrive in business without forecasting incredible futures from this thing you are labouring so hard to create. You have to put yourself out there. 

Complacency takes energy out of the system. You have to know your hearts at risk and might get dashed against the rocks - there’s no other way to go about it. 

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