Ep202: Never-Ending Not Change

26 minutes

You can learn a lot about how to handle change (and seemingly never-ending not change) by taking two 20-hour train rides. Or you can just listen to Jodi’s story instead. 

Why is that important for business? 

Things feel like they are on the cusp of some sort of return to “normalcy”, in business and in life (as we talked about in episode 199, The Next New Normal). And we all have to sort through the stack of things that have changed because of COVID and consider what we are excited to bring back (and can); what we are excited to bring back (and can’t), and the buckets of things that we are now realizing we don’t want to bring back. 

As we consider this next shift, it can help to give yourself a longer runway – having something to look forward to but keeping it far enough in the distance that you have time to prepare. And maintain compassion for yourself and others and avoid judging who is farther along on the track of normality. 

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