Ep195: Brakes vs. Breaks

27 minutes

A lot of car ads discuss the importance of going from zero to 100, but rarely they talk about how well they go from 100 to zero. And it turns out, neither do businesses. 

Why is that important for business? 

Business owners focus a lot on growth, scalability and everything to do with speed, power and velocity. But safety, or measured initiatives, aren’t as sexy. Sometimes, to go fast, you need to build your brakes up so you don’t spin out on the curves. 

Braking is an art in and of itself. 

We have to learn to ebb as hard as we flow.

Look at the meme below, and consider honouring all of the parts of endurance, including the pausing. Leaning back is often accompanied by guilt or the need to justify. But what if you asked yourself, “what do I need to do right now to do my best work? Is it pushing forward or leaning back?”

When you take the guilt out of the conversation, and consider that – on a racetrack and in business too - knowing when and how to brake is part of completing the race.

There is a large Venn diagram overlap between break and brake, but only one involves guilt. Maybe there is a brain hack there – tell yourself you are using your brakes, not taking a break. And how much do I need to brake/break before it has served its purpose? There is an art in applying just enough brake to maintain speed. 

Other resources mentioned

“Winning with Accountability: the Secret Language of High-Performing Organizations” Henry J Evans https://dynamicresults.com/winning-with-accountability/?fbclid=IwAR1vpKExjUby8RE7iVnoqpjfGr7zhRYjc8b8e6Zbpi-Qt5FIBkiEvGVo9O0

Dr. Hallowell: https://drhallowell.com/

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