Ep191: Am I Getting Warmer?

27 minutes

Feedback is important, even (maybe even especially) if it is negative. But in the absence of something that tells you when you are getting warmer, it can be hard to find the right path.

Why is that important for business? 

In business, whether it is among work colleagues, employers or clients, you need help to understand how to do a good job. If you only ever get expressions of dissatisfaction, without any inkling of what is working, it can make it nearly impossible to meet expectations. It’s like playing the “colder-warmer” seeking game – if you only ever get told you are “colder”, never “warmer”, you can’t find the spot. You need some kind of signal to navigate towards, not just away from.

You need some feedback as to where the value is.

This can’t be formulaic or prescriptive or it can backfire. But if you notice a good thing, you should mention the good thing. If you want to lead people to something, you have to add some “warmer”. This isn’t about compliments, which are usually about the person, but about positive feedback on the action. 

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