Ep19: Will & Grace-less

28 minutes

We watched the new Will & Grace, and at the risk of losing diehard fans, we have some ideas about how it relates to your business. This week, Eliot and Jodi talk about knowing your value, and the importance of white space.

Why is all of that important for business?

Sometimes, in TV and in business, people are not clear with what their real value is. When you don’t know what value you are actually bringing, you can put all of this energy and attention on aspects of your product or service that are not only not what your clients want, but actually detract from the experience.

And yet - what happens when you as a company feel called to change and shift into something different, and people know and love you for something different? You are allowed to change, but you need to be aware of what people loved if you want to make that change effectively.

So many companies guess instead of just asking. You have to think about business as a science experiment: you have to isolate the variables, change one thing at a time, and see what makes a difference. But you never guess when you can ask.

Sometimes the magic happens when there is no agenda. Often, the value that you bring is in the things that don’t sound sexy or impressive; a lot of times, the value sounds insignificant to you, but it is loved by your followers.

“God is in the hallways.” It is not in the structured service at the pulpit that makes a community, but the value is in what happens in the conversations in the hallways.

We often think we have to fill space with activity, but unscheduled and relaxed space and time is equally important. The magic is not only in the structure; epiphanies come in the spaces between. There is actual neuroscience to back this up: for you to have an epiphany, you have to have alpha, relaxed brainwaves present. You need to be in touch with that ah-ha part of your brain to be successful, and you need chill time to make that ah-ha space available. The last thing that anyone needs is more frenetic energy. It is enough just to be what you are.

How can you design things in your business with enough white space, and with enough awareness of the value that you bring? That’s where the magic lives. 

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