Ep189: Overwhelm and the Stomp

29 minutes

Business and life are full of moments of overwhelm and disorientation. And in those moments, we need to take a moment to identify what works to help us locate some grounding. We need to find our stomp, or our spit. 

Why is that important for business? 

We’ve all found ourselves spinning in circles, not knowing which way was up. Like if you are caught in an avalanche, the thing you need to do before you do anything else is orient yourself. And sometimes, that means spitting to find out which way gravity is pulling. Or when you’re dizzy, sometimes it is just stomping to reminding yourself of the one thing you know – where the floor is. You need to narrow your perception to that one thing, and there is where you get your bearings. 

In work, it might be finding that thing amongst all of your work tasks that gets you in the flow (even if that is a spreadsheet). 

That thing that reorients you often needs to be a very physical thing. There is no such thing as level without a physical reference point. 

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