Ep183: The Garbage Bag Full of Salad & Working Remotely

24 minutes

Ever been so focused on the planning that you don’t take into account the delivery method? Ah, the lessons we learn from a garbage bag full of salad, lobster-chip cookies, and acres of pizza. 

Why is that important for business? 

This issue – considering the delivery method – has come up a lot in business in 2020, largely because of remote working. When you have a way of doing something – launching a strategic plan before a holiday party, when everyone is together, for instance – and you don’t consider the change in delivery mechanism (i.e. you didn’t consider that it would be different to do this on Zoom), the outcome can suffer. And this change in delivery method can really get people tied up in knots about any kind of planning. 

But we also need to be aware of where we are using COVID as an excuse to do nothing. Instead of just thinking about how it will be less in these circumstances, we need to focus on how it will just be different. When you struggle to see the possibilities, it can help to imagine yourself in the future, being interviewed on how you accomplished your goal in these exceptional times. 

Working remotely can add a layer of challenge to certain organizational aspects of business, and you have to be sure you are still making decisions as part of the whole, not in isolation. And those conversations to make sure we are considering the whole – the purposefulness of this contact can feel like overkill, but without it, you might have a garbage bag full of salad. 

Other resources mentioned

If you really want to watch the episode of Family Ties that Eliot mentions, it is Season 4, Episode 8

“The story I am making up is that…” exercise from Brene Brown http://www.oprah.com/omagazine/brene-brown-rising-strong-excerpt

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