Ep171: BLM & Your Business

26 minutes

You get an email from a customer demanding you fire an employee for something you don’t think is wrong. How do you handle it?

Let’s talk about it. 

Why is that important for business? 

The line between private and business is increasingly blurring, and companies are being forced into taking stands. It is important, but it also makes business a lot more complicated. Personal views are not longer tidily kept in the background when it comes to business. 

There is a distinction that needs to be made between a differing on viewpoints, and a differing on moral or ethical beliefs when you are deciding what positions you will be willing to lose customers over. But how ever you slice it, we are being forced into having these conversations, whether you think you want to or not. 

Sooner or later, it will be incumbent on most leaders to figure out where their lines are and how they are going to react to the non-business side of life. It is harder and harder not to pick a side. 

This collision of business and personal is not an “if” but a “when.”

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