Ep167: Truth in Advertising and Bears

28 minutes

Ever have a product or service’s description leave something out that didn’t quite make you want to complain, but falls into the category of “would have been nice to know”? Ever heard a bear described as a “carnivore danger floof”? Well, we have got a treat for you in this episode!

Why is that important for business? 

When you are advertising a product or service and questioning how much to reveal (to both avoid disappointment and avoid scaring off potential customers), you want to make the disclosure factual but the wording emotional. You want people to have a reaction that aligns with what you have to offer.

When a business that has well defined-values, it allows people to decide whether they are aligned or not with that business (https://soheresmystory.com/ep123-sugar-spice-radiating-values/). This is much the same as truth in advertising – when you make it clear what is on offer, the right people will be able to self-select based on their priorities. You want to provide enough information against which someone can apply their priorities and see if it’s a fit.

And although it isn’t your job to foresee every scenario where someone might be disappointed, you should spend time understanding the most compelling reasons people are using your product/service, and make sure you are being clear about what is and isn’t going to match that expectation. Home in on the appeal and think about why someone is attracted to this offering, and what might affect that central appeal. It is incumbent upon you to reveal things that might make that central piece disappointing. Ask yourself: “what would make this go south for someone?” or “what would make someone so regret having entered into this agreement that they would wish they could turn back the clock and never do it.” Either answer those questions yourself about your product or service or give people enough information to answer them themselves. 

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