Ep159: How to Pivot When Temporary Turns Permanent

26 minutes

What was once thought of as a temporary situation that we just had to get through is starting to feel a lot more permanent. Let’s talk about how that realization changes the approach. 

Why is that important for business? 

At one point, COVID-19 and its effects on business felt temporary – something we had to get through before things returned to “normal”. Working at the dining room table was an inconvenience, not a business plan. So how now do we navigate this temporary situation that is less temporary than we thought? How can we restructure the changes we made in haste, and make them more permanent?

At this point, we need to be willing to invest in what had been a temporary model to get through. Many businesspeople have to invest in the business model and processes that make remote non-temporary. There may be certain things that need to go back as soon as we can safely do so, but this doesn’t preclude investing in the thing you can do remotely. At what point do we change from investing to get through a temporary quarantine, and investing in the next evolution of our company?

We also have to take into account what resources our clients and staff have at home, and how that changes how we work. 

Part of a shifting business model includes the shifting of schedules. What was once inconveniences are now trends - this is no longer “getting through it” but getting better at it. And it’s possible that this is an opportunity to do a redesign of our business and our day. 

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