Ep158: The Process of Finding The Answers

27 minutes

As businesses and services slowly start to re-open, the need for communication and transparency is needed more than ever. 

Why is that important for business? 

Right now, there are so many things everyone is unsure of – lots of moving parts and uncertainty – which requires a great deal of empathy. But the uncertainty requires communication. There is a misperception that if you don’t have a definitive statement to make, you should wait until you have more information to communicate with people. However, communication is still necessary, so people know they haven’t been forgotten. In any time of uncertainty, there is both a heightened need for communication and decision-making. Silence is not the answer. 

Could you be using this time of unknown to be building trust? Like hairdressers and dog groomers who send out tips for getting by until you can see them again, this time can be used to cement relationships. The vital part of communication isn’t necessarily certainty, but the ability to demonstrate empathy, through the attempt to understand from your customer’s eyes. 

This is also important for internal communications. Simply acknowledging the human experience, and letting people know you haven’t forgotten about them, can do so much for morale. You don’t necessarily have to have the answers, but there is a need right now to communicate with empathy and to be transparent about the process of finding the answers. 

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