Ep15: Empty Out Your Trophy Room (With Chris Brogan)

40 minutes

This week, Jodi and Eliot talk about jiu jitsu, palm writing, and other interesting things that totally make sense once you listen to the episode.   


Why is that important for business?

The whole premise for this episode is based on a story - that accomplishments should be written on your hand, and you should celebrate them only until they fade.

The idea is that you should absolutely celebrate the moment, but that as it fades, you don’t continue to have it be “your thing”. That it not be part of your routine to wander through your trophy room. None of us should ever be resting on the thing that we did last week.

Sometimes it helps to personify your company, to elevate the conversation above individual needs. What does that company need? Built into a lot of compensation structures is the idea of resting on your laurels; of being rewarded for past accomplishments.  Be conscious about what you reinforce. What do you want your organization to value enough that you would like you to write it on the limited space of your palm?

And yet - everyone has a different pace. Some people, what is written on their hand inspires them immediately to the next thing.  For some, longer periods of work and longer periods of celebration are important.

This can be an important concept when hiring. In times of stress, you go back to what you are hardwired to do. What do you want people to be hardwired to view as accomplishments, and does that gel with your organization?

Or, maybe it is not about what we write on our palms at all, but figuring out where we are all headed, and along that path, if we get there, will we celebrate? There is magic when everyone is rowing in the same direction.

And the skills that have gotten you where you are are not the skills that are needed to get you to the next stage.


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