Ep148: Missing Your Commute

25 minutes

For a lot of people, the morning commute to work has been reduced to about 10 feet. Theoretically, that is extra time we now have to do other things. But maybe that commute was exactly the break you needed in the day. So what now?

Why is that important for business? 

Commutes can be a wonderful transition time to change between a work mindset and a home mindset. It’s time to think without an agenda, to decompress. It’s the lemon sorbet, helping you cleanse your palate between courses. Although a commute is inconvenient from an efficiency standpoint, it can be incredibly valuable for your mental state. Otherwise your day lacks white space and becomes one big run-on sentence that passes in a blur.

Instead of consciously using that time in a similar way, we just pack it with other activities that don’t provide the same benefit. It isn’t about having time; it’s about consciously using the time. Though not technically challenging, we can find ourselves not doing it. 

“I wish for you that you live on a cul de sac because a cul de sac is that structure that surprises the city’s motion with a pause.” 

(Quote from some city planner article Eliot read a long time ago that I can’t find). 

You have to build these pauses into the day. That time, and what you did in the commute, might still need to be built into your routine in a new way. Our brains are built to sprint, not marathon. Even just a 2-minute pause is important. And you have to build these pauses in with intentionality.

Your routine doesn’t need to look the same as it did pre-isolation, but there is value in seeing what you used to do and considering building that into your life. You might need to weave spaces into the pattern, but the pattern doesn’t have to look the same. 

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