Ep144: The New Normal

28 minutes

“Progress looks like a new set of problems”. As you evolve towards a goal, you have new problems to deal with that you’ve never had to deal with before. Apparently, it’s also true of the opposite of progress – this time of massive uncertainty.

Why is that important for business? 

Right now, as businesses process this pandemic, the definition of what it means to be a leader is changing. Leaders might want to come int and try to maintain business as usual, to set an example that it can be business as usual. But in our current times, leadership is the opposite: recognizing and adjusting to the fact that it is not business as usual. 

We indeed still need to set a good example, but this is a different type of good example we have to set than we have ever had to before; we have to set the example of reacting to the circumstances vs overcoming them. 

We cannot forget to pause and find ways to connect with the people that work with us and remind ourselves that these are humans going through a scary thing. They are humans, not just fires we are putting out. They are still part of an organizational family. 

All the math we have used to figure out things in the world feels different now. In times of this much uncertainty, it’s not just the math on the side that is causing problems that is changing; the consequences/outcomes side of the math formula is also going to be changing and adapting. People are working on solutions and they are changing all of the time. Just as every solution leads to new problems, every new problem has space for new solutions. 

Messy “good enough” is going to have to be the new excellence for a while. 

We all have skills and gifts and thoughts and creativity and if we pull together, we can’t fix this, but we can make it less bad. 

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