Ep142: Leadership, Courage and the Coronavirus

31 minutes

Are you prepared to deal with large scale problems, like the Coronavirus, in your workplace? Although we don’t have a ready answer for how to deal with issues like this, we do have some ideas in this episode. 

Why is that important for business? 

Adopting a plan for how to work through something like the Coronavirus is something to work through now. Do you have a culture of “being a hero through attendance”, where taking a sick day is a sign of weakness and powering through a sign of strength? Do you have everyone’s phone numbers available? Do you have a plan to work virtually? These are all questions it’s better to ask now, instead of in the middle of a crisis. What is your plan if you can’t go about business as usual? 

It can be hard to tell when you are over- or under-reacting to a situation. Like our episode on deciding when to take your kid to the doctor (https://soheresmystory.com/ep119-the-fear-of-reaction/), making decisions on when to call it a crisis can be really challenging. There is no tidy answer. 

But that’s the thing about being a leader: many of the decisions that come in front of you are between two or more things that are varying degrees of bad. You often have to chose with limited information and lots of unknowns, and it’s easy to start white knuckling your hold on “not wanting to be wrong”. “Right” is just the best you can do in the moment; often, we’re aiming for the least regrets possible. 

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