Ep137: The Need for Time Guardians

25 minutes

Being the guardian of your time can bring up all kinds of issues. You want to be accommodating, and you don’t want to disappoint people. Which is why sometimes, you need to outsource to an Enforcer. 

Why is that important for business? 

If you aren’t naturally someone who can enforce policies, and also effectively filter them by understanding the nuances to needs, then it might be best to delegate that role to someone who is good at it. Even if you are still ultimately involved, having a first line of defense for your time and resources means you can still make exceptions, but someone else ensures that the exception doesn’t become the rule. 

But first, you need to have the willingness to subvert your instinct to accommodate or your fear of disappointing someone else. If you want to solve the problem, you must shamelessly admit your limitation. Whether you outsource or tap into part of the Enforcer in your own personality, you need to craft a solution that makes the problem better.

Sometimes, the Enforcer or Guardian doesn’t even need to say no. The role requires the wisdom to know when there is an issue to fix, and when it isn’t your problem at all.  

Ultimately, you need to be clear about you are good at. If you are always accommodating, you are not being an effective guardian of what you do best. 

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