Ep133: Overwhelm and The Problem with Prioritizing

24 minutes

Found yourself with a paralyzing list of things to do? Where you can’t start anything because there are fifteen other things that need to get done first? 

Overwhelm comes in at least 35 different flavours. For this particular flavor, we have a suggestion. 

Why is that important for business? 

When you get paralyzingly overwhelmed by everything on your plate, prioritization can itself feel overwhelming. You have a large project to finish, but there is a pile of smaller projects weighing on your mind and sapping your energy. In cases like this, sometimes it’s best to realize that you aren’t giving your best to the priority project when your mind is focused on everything else that is backing up. Taking time to clear some of the smaller projects actually frees you up to be more efficient with the larger project. Those little tasks can feel like a barrier to getting something bigger done and can make everything feel bogged down in clutter. Taking a few hours to complete as many of these little tasks – that realistically are lower priority but are nonetheless on your mind – can bring you back to the main task with new energy and focus.  

Most have us have heard of the concept that you can fit more into a jar if you start with the big rocks and add the small rocks and sand after (if not, you can watch the presentation here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_N_uvq41Pg). This is incredibly useful. But sometimes, there is value in realizing that the sand – those small tasks – can take up a lot of space and weigh you down. 

It’s also important to notice that stale tasks – ones you procrastinate on again and again - are often actually unmade decisions. Sometimes that acknowledgement helps you make the decision, because the hesitation tells you it’s a no. And suddenly, there is one less task on your list.  

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