Ep123: Sugar, Spice & Radiating Values

28 minutes

Does your business radiate your values like a spice company? Find out in this episode!

Why is that important for business? 

Have you heard about the spice company that spent more money on impeachment ads than anyone but Trump? 

When asked why, he answered “I’m running ads to run a business. And so much of that is using your business to radiate your values.”

When you have a business, you have this same opportunity to radiate your values. But that has consequences that you have to be willing to accept. And though you might applaud the spice company and condemn the baker that won’t make the cake for a gay wedding, if you are okay with one being able to radiate their values, you have to be okay with the other side radiating theirs.

Of course, where businesses get into trouble is when they speak for everyone in the organization. It might seem like it is better to pick neutrality. But who decides what neutral is? 

Does your business radiate your values? If so, to what degree? How much does it need to be in lock step with your values? You have to decide how you are going to show up in the world. And the louder you get, the more love and the more hate you will receive - you have to be willing to take both of those. 

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