Ep115: Grin-Worthy Goal Setting

23 minutes

Can you feel the difference between setting a goal and setting a Big Grin Goal? We sure can, and we want to spend some time talking about it.

Why is that important for business? 

We’ve all set goals that – theoretically, at least – we want to achieve. And then…we don’t. But Eliot wants to introduce you to Scott and his concept of the Big Grin Goals (as measured with a Grindictator!) 

Now, you could really like something, want something, but it might not make you grin. That things that “gives you the grins”? That goal that animates you naturally? When something is so compelling that it has a magnetic quality, it pulls you towards it. It might still be hard work, but it feels more worth it. It’s like the quote: “discipline is remembering what you want”. When you are energetically tied to a thing that you want – so much that it makes you grin just to think of it - the hard work just takes on a totally different flavour. And it can transform from what you have to do to what get to do. 

It’s hard to deny that if you put that energy of the grin behind a goal, it becomes easier to achieve. But it might not be a direct line to the Grin Goal. In fact, if it was as a direct line, it wouldn’t scratch the itch. 

And here’s where you need to look for the Power of the Metaphor. The Grin Goal might simply point to something you want more of – it might not be the ultimate destination at all. Like the great meditation teach Joseph Goldstein (https://www.dharma.org/teacher/joseph-goldstein/) says, “the thought of your mother is not your mother.” Be aware of when you are creating words around the image and where you need to get closer to the image means, what the goal feels like.  

So…where do your goals fall on the Grindicator?

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