Ep02: Rule Number One

31 minutes

Rule #1

What do a parking ticket and a cashier’s cheque have to do with business? This week, Eliot and Jodi talk about the importance of not making things complicated for your customers, and the difference between process and outcome.

Why is that important for business?

The confused mind says no.

Having a catalog of options is great, but it still needs to be easy for your customers to choose.

Sometimes, in an effort to make it so each individual in your marketplace finds that custom fit, you make every individual in your marketplace paralyzed with indecision.

There is a certain complexity that comes with being out of touch with what the end user is going to need and want; that complexity is often the result of being too close to your offering. Great ideas tend not to survive their first encounter with the market because of this.

And sometimes, the problem comes with creating global rules to one instance of a challenge; strapping a solution on a problem without thinking about the unintended consequences. Think: is this a situation that needs a policy versus something that just needs a conversation?

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